SPRING PACE 2019 PLACINGS Pace (Optiomal Time: 64.42)
1Melissa FoppesDreamer65.431.01 over
Mariana FoppesSamson

2Cynthia PorerKwin63.221.20 under
Lindsey WhiteLucky
Louise NelsonBaron

3Rowan AlbinMaddie's Ravens67.092.27 over
Rebecca DarlingPaint Me Proud

4Ashley WeissFinn68.233.41 over
Morgan BrowerArtimus

5Isabelle BullisRed60.324.10 under
Britteny ErhartDolce

6Paige PavlotSophie60.314.11 under
Jill PavlotArrow

Poker Run
1Jean BrodieWillie
Susan MalleryPi

2Linda SchickerSybren

3Delanie KirkBoston Bluepring
Kayleigh HooperOn Star

4Laurie LaPlanteInstantly a Star
Nancy HeindorfAin""t Foolin Around

5Ellen HobinTyler
Kandice BartonHolly
Kendra YaddowIndian Outlaw

6Rowan AlbinMaddie's Ravens
Rebecca DarlingPaint Me Proud

Best Matched Ashlee WeisFinn
Morgan BrowerArtemis
2nd Best Matched Cynthia PorerKwin
Lindsey WhiteLucky
Louise NelsonBaron
3rd Best Matched Jill Pavlot Arrow
Paige Pavlot Sophie

Oldest Horse Sophie Paige Pavlot

Youngest Horse Kwin Cynthia Porter

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