Horse of the Year Points (as of Jul 1, 2019)

Trenton Hill SavillaEllen Hobin157
Instantly a StarLauri LaPlante141
Ain't Foolin NobocyNancy Heindorf124
Royal Chocolate ZipHaley Miner113
Covert AffairsSara Mierek93
SamsonMariana Foppes92
Boston's Dream GilMelissa Foppes90
HollyEllen Hobin90
Indian OutlawKendra Yaddow83
PepperMichelle Maloy81
Classic Rock StarHayley Bell70
Onstar at Your ServiceKyleigh Hooper70
Ginger SnapMaggie Koenig'67
Humming Hills Sweet AdiliaAnna Hobin56
This is HorseEllen Hobin53
PiSusan Mallery50
ChiefKaren Sanborn40
HalosbridleMark Sanborn40
ToshAbby Jenkins25
TylerEllen Hobin22
Mr. Tazo TEllen Hobin20
Spots R UsKaren Sanborn20

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